A Guide To The Beauty Aisle Of Trader Joe's

A Guide To The Beauty Aisle Of Trader Joe's

Here is a guide for those of you who are as intrigued by the beauty section of Trader Joe's as the food. Maybe not as intrigued, because...food. But there are some real gems to be found and almost everything is under ten dollars. It's also Trader Joe's so you can count on being sucked in to their clever marketing efforts. Case in point: bag of potatoes that introduces itself. So kind, so thoughtful.

Mango Body Butter ($4.99)

The smell of this is perfect. Maybe not the creamiest body butter in the world, but it is very hydrating. The main goal when using this is to smell like a tropical smoothie. On that front it delivers.

Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo ($3.99)

There is nothing as refreshing as peppermint in the shower. There is also something refreshing about a shampoo that just washes your hair and doesn't make seemingly impossible claims (mending split ends is farfetched, no?) It's sulfate-free, mildly clarifying, and have I mentioned it smells like peppermint? They also have a body wash in this scent. Just as tingly and refreshing.


Vitamin E Oil ($3.99)

This is a newfound love. The name is a little deceiving as this isn't pure vitamin E oil, it's mixed in with soybean oil. Vitamin E oil is thick and gloopy, so having a base oil makes it easier to spread. Good for winter or before bed. Also a good mixer. Add to jojoba for a thinner oil, coconut oil for a hair mask, or hand cream to boost the hydration. This oil means business so unless you want to look like a greased turkey I'd avoid during the day.

Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream ($4.99)

This is a hand cream that smells like laundry. Not as luxurious as L'Occitane, but it does perform the exact same. 20% Shea Butter and thick but not greasy. This might not suffice in the dead of winter when my hands truly betray me and become not only ice cold but also as dry and cracked as a desert. As an everyday hand cream I love it.


Blueberry & Açaí Facial Scrub ($5.99)

The standout of everything here, and also the product I was most nervous to put on my face. I generally wouldn't trust a cheap chemical exfoliant (and I never trust a physical exfoliant). This claims to be a scrub, so I was worried it'd be both. However, this really is just an AHA exfoliant; it contains citric acid, malic acid, and lactic acid, as well as colloidal oatmeal and shea butter. It smells very strongly of blueberries.

I would compare this scrub to the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme mask or the Kate Somerville Exfolikate. This happens to be a fraction of the price and delivers amazing results. It makes my skin buttery smooth and isn't irritating or harsh. It's a quick treatment, I leave it on for about a minute at night and my face glows the following morning.

I am fully on board with a budget-friendly AHA scrub that smells like blueberry jam and can be purchased alongside cauliflower rice and mini peanut butter cups.

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